Digital maintenance of facilities with Smartenance

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Preventive facility maintenance is important to prevent problems that can lead to the machine standing still. In many producing plants, technicians still document maintenance procedures such as sweeping up chips, changing filters or replacing lubricants in a laborious manner with pen and paper. Festo makes digital facility maintenance possible with Smartenance. The app helps with administration, reminds you to perform tasks, documents everything digitally and thus speeds up the process.

Digital facility maintenance is simple, fast and reliable with Smartenance. It is made up of two parts: a mobile maintenance calendar as an app for smartphones and tablets for the facility operators and a dashboard as a website for production managers, which they can use to manage and document maintenance tasks.

The facility operator thus always has the maintenance calendar for their machine to hand and gets all the necessary information about the jobs sent directly to their smartphone or tablet. The production manager can monitor all the facilities centrally and see at a glance which tasks have to be done urgently or what feedback his colleagues have sent about the maintenance tasks. Many paths and coordination measures are thus eliminated when problems are detected on a facility.

Smartenance will be available from the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store and the Festo App World. At first the customer will see an empty dashboard, where no facilities and maintenance tasks are set up yet. The customer transfers the tasks and maintenance intervals from their facility’s documentation that has been passed on by the machinery manufacturer – regardless of whether Festo components are installed in the facility or not.

After that the customer links their dashboard with mobile devices and it is immediately ready to use. The facility operator can see all the tasks in their personal, mobile calendar and work through them. Their production manager can keep an eye on all the completed and unfinished tasks online.

Smartenance is not only interesting for the facility operators, but also the machinery manufacturers. They can use it to transfer the maintenance tasks for their facility directly to a digital solution and thus pass them on to their customers. Feel free to preview the app here:


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