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Plans are now well underway for ustralasia’s major sawmilling event, WoodTECH 2021. Despite major woodworking tradeshows, exhibitions and conferences throughout Europe, North America and Asia been cancelled in 2020 and stops already being put on most shows well into 2021, we’re confident, that WoodTECH 2021 will run this year in New Zealand and Australia on 3-4 August. In fact, it’s expected to be one of few that will be run in 2021 – anywhere around the world.

For over twenty years now, the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) has provided Australasia’s only regular independent platform for local sawmilling and wood manufacturing companies to meet, to network and to learn about new innovations in technology and smart operating practices that can be used to improve their productivity and performance.

The WoodTECH series was re-jigged in 2017 to alternate every year between green-mill and dry-mill operations. After a decade of national training programmes falling over, saw-doctors groupings folding, mill closures and consolidation within the industry, local wood producers were keen on getting their teams together again at one central location in New Zealand and Australia. The WoodTECH series very quickly became THE sawmilling and wood manufacturing event for local mills and key suppliers into this part of the industry, both locally and internationally.

So how it is going to be run?

You’ll notice that the dates are the same. Because of the uncertainty still surrounding international travel, for the first time WoodTECH 2021 will be run concurrently in both Melbourne, Australia and Rotorua, New Zealand on 3-4 August 2021. For the first time, sawmillers and wood producers will be able to meet up in different countries – with live links being set up between the two meetings and remote links set up for key tech providers from outside the region.

Again, for the first time, WoodTECH 2021 is going to be live streamed for those mill staff and key tech providers from outside Australasia. This is going to enable overseas delegates to participate by either watching the event live, or access the recorded presentations later.

What’s being covered?

In short, any operation associated with green-mill operations. This includes saw design, maintenance and operation, wood scanning, sawmill optimisation, saw alignment and size control, preventative maintenance, kiln drying and on-site energy management, wood wastes utilisation, timber treatment ….

Early details on WoodTECH 2021 can be found on the event website.


So, if keen this year in presenting (as a wood producer or tech supplier) as part of the WoodTECH 2021 series in August 2021, please contact brent.apthorp@fiea.org.nz BEFORE Friday 12 February.

Note: Information on opportunities for exhibiting will be advertised and sent out in the next couple of months. Early expressions of interest can be made directly with gordon.thomson@fiea.org.nz.

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