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Nicholson has a range of debarker models to suit any application. From low speed to high speed, softwood to hardwood, and in sawmills, chip plants, veneer plants, OSB mills and more.

All around the globe, wherever there is a forest products industry, you will find Nicholson equipment in operation – reliably and efficiently doing the job it was designed to do and adding value to the bottom line.

We Build Reliability

Nicholson Manufacturing dates to 1948 when T.W. (Bill) Nicholson built his first veneer debarker in Seattle, Washington. Prior to this innovation, debarking of logs was a slow and laborious process – often done by hand. Over the next few years Bill Nicholson continued building lathe type and rosser head type whole log debarkers until 1951 when he designed and built his first whole log mechanical ring type debarker

Incorporating optimum mechanical design and electronic controls, Nicholson debarkers can meet the demands of the modern wood processing facility.

Produced in Sidney, British Columbia, Nicholson Manufacturing is committed to continually developing and building the finest ring debarkers available. Our team of research and development engineers work closely with our customers and service technicians to ensure that we remain at the forefront of ring debarking technology.

Genuine Parts

Using Nicholson OEM parts is key to ensuring that you get optimal performance and service life from your debarker. Nicholson genuine parts are designed and manufactured to increase productivity, improve safety, lower maintenance costs and reduce downtime.

With 24/7 access, you can rely on fast and accurate support from Nicholson’s parts experts. Our global network of distribution warehouses allows us to ship parts efficiently, anywhere in the world.

Technical Service

Nicholson has always been committed to providing comprehensive technical support for the equipment we sell. Our factory trained team of service technicians is dedicated to ensuring that the operation of your debarker remains trouble-free.

We offer a wide range of service and maintenance support to help with whatever solution you may need.

  • Scheduled onsite preventative maintenance
  • Assist with and carry out machine repairs
  • Personnel training
  • Machine condition assessments
  • Machine optimization (debarking quality and efficiency)
  • Tool arm and knife tip refurbishment

Wherever you are located, Nicholson field technicians are ready to help. Further details on Nicholson Manufacturing can be found via our website.

John Jennings from Nicholson Manufacturing will also be presenting at WoodTECH 2019 in New Zealand and Australia on ‘Maintaining uptime and reducing downtime in the mill’.

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