Global technologies being showcased at WoodTECH 2018

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Never has the local wood manufacturing industry seen such a turnout. Leading global technology providers will be travelling into this region in September. Why? To participate in the eagerly awaited WoodTECH 2018 series. “It’s been eight long years since those involved in wood manufacturing have had an independent technology update” says Brent Apthorp, FIEA Director.

“Last year, we had a record turnout to the WoodTECH series in Australasia. Well over 400 attended. It was the largest gathering yet seen of sawmilling companies, saw-doctors and sawing technology providers. The series concentrated on sawmill scanning, sawing and green-mill optimisation technologies. This year the focus is shifting to dry-mill or stand-alone wood manufacturing operations.

Technologies being showcased include; robotics and automation and changes being seen in wood manufacturing, advances in wood scanning and board optimisation, finger-jointing, cross cutting and ripping, timber gluing and laminating, timber machining, kiln drying, timber finishing, material handling operations, mill maintenance, changes to timber standards, H&S and training and skills development.

“We’re delighted to have attracted this year leading International tech providers and equipment manufacturers from around the globe” says Brent Apthorp. Outside of the Australasian expertise brought together, presenting companies include; SuitX, USA, LMI Technologies, Sweden, RemaSawco, Sweden, WoodEye, Sweden, MiCROTEC, Italy, Airstar, USA, PMP Solutions, Canada, Invictum, Slovakia, USNR, USA, Weinig Grecon, Germany, Conception, Canada and TS Manufacturing Canada.

“As well as more practical sessions aimed at mill production and operational, we’ve this year been able to build in technologies right at forefront of scanning, optimisation and wood handling technologies” says Brent Apthorp. “We’ve been able to include advanced manufacturing technologies like robotics. Industrial exoskeletons which are being used increasingly to reduce worker fatigue in the manufacturing environment are also for the first time being introduced to local wood manufacturers. Some local companies have explored the opportunities but have as yet to learn just what the technology is, how and where is it being applied and does it have any use in wood manufacturing”.

Also, in the tech space this year we’ll be covering wearable technologies that are able to harness the power of mobile connected employees on-site and the option of laser cutting of wood. Exhibitions showcasing new innovations, new products and new services likewise are a huge attraction for local companies. At last year’s event the trade show sold out well in advance of the event running. This year, the turnout is anticipated to be huge with both venues likely again to be full.

Programme information is now on line. Registrations are flowing in. You can check all of the details out on the website

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