Intelligent City opens its first urban housing factory

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After developing and commissioning robotic technology to provide turn-key homes, Intelligent City has begun building urban housing projects in the company’s new factory on River Road in North Delta, British Columbia.

This marks the completion of an extensive testing agenda to verify the performance of the company’s Platforms for Life (P4L) building system in accordance with the Encapsulated Mass Timber Construction (EMTC) building code.

Intelligent City combines several technologies to design, manufacture, and deliver buildings as customizable one-stop solutions. An adaptable building platform made from large mass timber assemblies forms the foundation. Its co-founders Cindy Wilson and Oliver Lang, who have worked in architecture for 25 years, led the company with their vision since it was founded in 2008.

“Today marks a very important milestone for Intelligent City. We are leading the housing industry through a product- and platform-based approach to address affordability, liveability and climate change issues. We are now the first in the world to use advanced robotics to automatically assemble mass timber building systems that have been tested to meet the latest building code and net zero standards,” said Oliver Lang.

Intelligent City is focused on the construction of mid-to-high-rise urban housing as well as commercial buildings through the convergence of mass timber, design engineering, automated manufacturing, and proprietary software. The company is currently working on project totalling 2880 homes in Canada and 1400 homes in the U.S., many of which are supported by BC Wood.

To offer flexibility, the company has integrated its building platform in a proprietary, automated, software and manufacturing workflow. Both allow for a high level of customization without causing any added complexities or cost. The company is expected to deliver its first projects in early 2022 in Vancouver, BC.

Source: Canadian Architect, Photo: Intelligent City

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