IRG timber durability research event for Australia

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Australia will be hosting the International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRG) in Cairns, Queensland in May-June 2023. The IRG is the peak world body related to timber durability research and each conference brings together over 250 researchers from 30-40 countries to discuss new developments in the field. This will be the third time that IRG’s annual meeting is held in Australia, with the first two in Surfer’s Paradise (1983) and Brisbane (2003).

The meeting will take place over 5 days and involve posters, oral presentations of written papers and keynotes from leading global researchers including Professor Phil Evans from the University of British Columbia. This will be an excellent chance to learn about the latest innovations in wood protection, and the organizing committee is looking forward to welcoming the world to our door.

A pre-meeting field trip (or Terminatour) will visit test sites at the South Johnstone Research Station and the Mareeba area to see termite mounds of both Coptotermes and Mastotermes. Mastotermes darwiniensis or the Giant Northern Termite, is the single remaining species in the genus and it is only found in northern Australia. It is, by far, the most aggressive termite on the continent and appears to be moving southward.

The meeting will welcome some 200 overseas participants to enjoy Cairns and its tropical environment. This year’s meeting is a wonderful and unique opportunity for the Australian and New Zealand timber and wood treatment industries to attend and learn about research and innovations in the wood durability and performance field. The topics covered in presentations will also provide the necessary information for educating specifiers, designers, and users of timber about effective protection and durable performance of all wood products, including the increasing use of EWPs.

The IRG provides an excellent forum for identifying new treatment/protection technologies for the region. There will be many opportunities for informal discussions with like-minded people as well as scientists and technologists in the field.

Information about the meeting and registration is available at

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