New AU$20m optimisation hub planned

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A consortium of forestry companies has begun the development of a high-tech optimisation facility aimed at maximising the value of resource handled on the Eden and East Gippsland regions. The new development at Edrom Road will be designed with the sustainable recurring 100-year resource profile in mind. The consortium partners, including Boral who will provide technical and operational support, see a transition to many new technology applications in the region.

Forestry Corporation of NSW recently announced that the hub was the preferred proponent for a 15-year long-term contract for 25,000 m3 per year of quota hardwood log. The new hub will include a separate log optimising facility that can extract short logs from existing pulpwood streams to augment the volume of the quota sawlog component.

Additionally, processes that will use the sawdust and residues from the sawmill and existing wood chipping operations are being investigated. It is expected that the combined roll out of the new investment will be in the order of AU$20 million dollars. This investment will result in increased job opportunities in a range of professions and trades.

The consortium in their media release this week said that they would like to thank Forestry Corporation of NSW, the local member Andrew Constance, their workforce, contractors and the Eden region as a whole for providing the conditions and support needed for such a long-term venture. The productive forests of Eden will have a long-term future thanks to the range of renewable products they produce coupled with the benefit of strong road and port access to domestic and export markets.

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