New Contra Flow Kiln (CFK) open in Tarpeena

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Timberlink Tarpeena’s major upgrade project reached a key milestone on with the first load of timber rolling into our brand new Contra Flow Kiln, the second of its kind at the site. The kiln’s advanced drying technology assists with product consistency, reduced emissions, and streamlining the production process.

The kilns use an ingenious system of circulating air through two 80 metre long kilns to continuously dry timber over 16 hours allowing the timber to be dried at an optimal temperature.

This has several positive flow-on effects. Firstly, the heating process prior to drying and the steaming process at the end of drying are both longer than in batch drying so the process is gentler, producing wood that’s more uniform in moisture content and straighter. Another major benefit of the CFK is a reduction of energy use by more than 30% compared to drying in traditional batch kilns. This translates to fewer emissions through the burning of biomass.

The installation of the CFK is a part of the multi million dollar upgrade program creating a world class facility at Timberlink Tarpeena.

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