New sustainable biocide into more markets

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The introduction of BIOBIOWOOD provides the wood industry a sustainable solution that can turn softwoods and soft hardwoods into premium hardwoods without the use of biocides. IWT-Moldrup is providing a complete system with equipment, processes, and resins.

IWT-Moldrup uses a resin, which protects the wood againsttermites and other insects and it creates a solid and bio-friendlydurability in low-cost wood species allowing it to age in a beautifuland natural way without being degraded by fungi and rot.

IWT-Moldrups proprietary BIOBIOWOOD resin treatment willmake your wood look and feel like premium hardwood with auniform brown colour throughout both heart and sapwood explainsbiobiowood manager Stina Moldrup from IWT-Moldrup.

For outdoor use the BIOBIOWOOD process creates resistance to termites, increased dimensional stability by +50%, 3-5 times increased hardness and increased density with +30%. For indoor use BIOBIOWOOD will make your wood act like premium hardwood in the natural colour of the wood species with advantages of increased hardness (3-5 times) and increased density by +30.

BIOBIOWOOD has already attracted significant interest in Japan andEurope. Stina Moldrup, biobiowood product manager at IWT-Moldrup, states that the test results on a first production plant in Germany with Japanese Cedar, Japanese Cypress and Radiata pine have been very good. We are very happy with the results, as they show that main Japanese Cedar, Japanese Cypress, and Radiata pine are compatible with the resin treatment.

A new plant is expected to be shipped to New Zealand at the beginning of 2021 and immediately put into operation.

Source: IWT-Moldrup

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