NZ Timber Standards now out for public comment

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This has been described by the Timber Design Society as one of the most important developments for structural engineers in recent years. They’re currently inviting all TDS members and others involved, to submit comments directly.

Please follow the links below to submit your comments:

DZ NZS AS 1720.1 Timber Structures – Part 1: Design Methods

DR AS/NZS 1720.4:2018 Timber structures – Part 4: Fire resistance of timber elements.

NZS AS 1720.1 sets out general requirements for the verification of timber structures and elements. It includes calculation methods and design data appropriate for commonly encountered structural elements and materials. TDS have highlighted the fact that the new standard will be an adoption of the current Australian Timber Standard AS 1720.1, with a separate New Zealand specific appendix, which modifies various clauses of the existing AS 1720.1.

Although comments are sought mainly in regards to the New Zealand specific appendix, they are encouraging people to also comment on the main body of AS 1720.1. The closing date for comments on this standard is 9 February 2019.

The objective of the second standard is to provide a method for determining the fire resistance for structural adequacy and insulation of sawn timber, timber in pole form, plywood, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), and glued-laminated structural timber elements as an alternative to the test method specified in AS 1530.4. The closing date for comments on this standard is 21 December 2018.

Source: Timber Design Society

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