Pukepine Sawmill planermill upgrades

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Pukepine Sawmills in New Zealand is planning a major upgrade for its planer mill with the help of USNR. The project includes an overhaul of existing equipment that will be completed in two stages.

The first stage will come with a number of new installations, including USNR’s Occlusionless THG, along with the infeed and associated handling equipment. Pukepine will also install a refurbished USNR Revolver Lug Loader, a Tray Sorter, and a new planer that operates at 550m per minute. All this will come with the engineering and project management services offered by Skookum, USNR’s partner based in New Zealand.

The second stage, to be implemented later, will see the installation of a new Multi-Track Fence and a new dry stacker.

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