Review of Wood Processing training needs

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Over the past 50 years Toi Ohomai, formerly Waiariki Institute of Technology and also the NZ Forest Service, have been home to a tertiary training facility at Waipa, specialising in various aspects of solid wood processing. The wood processing industry is currently experiencing significant skills shortages, but also, a misalignment between training and industry requirements.

Toi Ohomai is now reviewing the current skills shortages across the various roles that are required to successfully run a solid wood processing plant in New Zealand (and Australia). In an attempt to develop better training models and material that will meet industry’s needs, they need to understand the context of your business. They have developed a National Wood Processing Review of Staff Requirements, Training Needs and Skills Shortages, which is being sent out to all solid wood processors in New Zealand (and some businesses in Australia).

This review prompts various aspects of training and skills shortages at a processing site. Ideally, a person with a good understanding of the human dynamics at a particular processing site will be able to provide the most relevant information. This would typically be a mill manager, or a human resources person with a good handle on labour issues at a specific site. If you are not the most appropriate person, then please help them by putting them in touch with your skills expert.

If you can, Toi Ohomai would be appreciative of your participation in the latest review if apprpriate. It can be accessed on line at: The review will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. All information supplied will be treated as highly confidential and data will only be reported at an aggregated scale. Individual businesses will not be identified. No personal information will be revealed at any point in time. All participating businesses will receive a complementary and exclusive report that will provide a high degree of accurate and valuable information concerning skills challenges in the sector.

This review will allow Toi Ohomai to approach the current pro-forestry Government for interventions that will support the sector. They believe strongly that this engagement with industry will assist the entire sector to help secure and train the right calibre of future employees.

Source: Toi Ohomai

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