Statistical Process Control event for softwood industry

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Mills collect millions of pieces of data each day on density, moisture content, defects and grade of their timber, but how do they use it? Seventeen representatives of the Australian softwood timber industry came together in Mount Gambier to hone their skills in Statistical Process Control to tackle that mountain of data to maximize recovery, verify compliance and remain competitive.

Co-Sponsored by The National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life and the Mt. Gambier Timber Research Centre and supported by Forest and Wood Products Australia, the week-long workshop was delivered by Dr. Tim Young from the University of Tennessee, Dr. Geoff Boughton of TimberEd Services, and Jeff Morrell from the Durability Centre.

Students learned how to use the huge amount of data they collect each day to improve processing, optimize recovery and enhance their ability to verify that materials are fit for purpose. This was the first in a series of continuing workshops to help manufacturers better use their data.

Photo: Brett Lawson (AKD) “supervises” Nathan Kitto (Timberlink), Tim Mitchell (Wespine), and Jamie Irving (Timberlink) on an exercise using M&M’s to learn about optimizing processes

Source: National Centre for Timber Durability & Design Life

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