Streamlining the green mill with vision technology

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Waipapa Pine at KeriKeri, New Zealand is investing to improve the efficiency of its sawmill edger and trimmer lines . Following its successful carriage update utilizing USNR’s optimization and scanning system (read more), Waipapa is focusing its efforts downstream to implement more productive and innovative systems through the rest of its green mill.

Both edger and trimmer lines will take advantage of vision scanning technology (BioVision and THG) to improve the grade outturn of its products, and streamline its operation ahead of its lumber drying process. The BioLuma 2900LVG sensors will detect characteristics such as splits, shake and knots, and the system will optimize each board for the greatest value/volume recovery to meet the mill’s requirements.

One unique aspect of the new THG trimmer optimization system is its capability to provide 4-sided scanning with only 2 rows of sensors. The sensors are positioned off-axis to accomplish this feat. This configuration is popular in both green and dry lumber grading applications, where edge defects are critical to the overall value of the piece.

Waipapa sourced used lumber handling equipment with the help of Skookum Technology, USNR’s agent in the region, and is adding a new Revolver Lug Loader and Multi-Track Fence to round out the sawmill line. USNR is proud to be a major supplier to this significant capital project.

Source: USNR

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