Timberlink invests in new primary saw line

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Timberlink Australia is investing in a new saw line, horizontal shape saw, and edger lines at its Tarpeena, South Australia site. The company operates three sawmills at Bell Bay (Tasmania), Blenheim (New Zealand) and Tarpeena (South Australia) that manufacture plantation structural pine products.

The project includes log infeed, log turners, Precision Geometric Log Rotation (PGLR) system, slew and skew extended length infeed, canter heads, quad bandmills, horizontal shape sawing gang (HSS), BioVision cant corewood scanner, and Catech 7100 edger system.

The BioVision cant corewood scanner will scan the sawn cant faces to identify the boundary between sapwood and corewood. This data will allow for specific low-grade lumber products to be sawn from the low-density corewood in the cant, assisting the mill to better manage its product output.

In August 2018 Timberlink announced it was making major investments in its Australian mills. Timberlink’s CEO, Ian Tyson, commented, “We are ensuring that all aspects of the business are internationally competitive to secure our long-term future, and this significant investment will secure Timberlink’s position as one of Australasia’s leading softwood sawmillers.”

USNR is proud to be a major supplier for Timberlink’s capital investments.

Source: Millwide Insider

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