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Welcome to the second update for Australasia’s sawmilling and wood manufacturing community. We had a great response when we launched this service back in November 2017. The concept of improving communication between companies and sites and incorporating both managerial and production staff along with some of the key suppliers, really did strike a chord.

Thanks for your feedback and input so far. Since the first issue was sent out, we’ve been adding stories, articles and news relating to your own business and which we think will be of interest to all those subscribing.

In this issue we’ve got a number of stories relating to recent announcements on local sawmill closures, new investments and mill openings and plans underway for the acquisition of existing mills. We’ve covered a recent survey of Canadian sawmills that rank the issue of substance abuse by sawmill workers firmly at the top of their safety agenda and we take a look at the real value of those saw sales people that so often call into your saw shops.

We’ve also highlighted the focus for this year’s WoodTECH 2018 series. It’s going to run in September this year. Interest from manufacturers and suppliers has already been very strong and we have yet to make any formal announcements. Last year’s event (where we had record numbers of sawmillers and saw doctors attending) is being followed up this year with a focus on the technologies and operating practices around dry-mill and wood manufacturing operations.

The last event of this type ran almost eight years ago. Early details can be found in the story below – and on the website. Mark the date into your diaries and we’ll of course take any early suggestions on content as we look shortly to get into programme design.

Finally, contributions, recommendations, leads and advice on what you’d like added to this site will certainly be welcomed:

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Stories this issue:

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