Wellons Press Release: Advances in lumber drying systems

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“Renewable energy”, “green power”, “carbon neutral” and “reduced carbon footprint” can all be used to describe the energy and lumber drying systems provided by Wellons.

An industry leader, Wellons has the unique ability to provide complete, biomass-fired, lumber drying systems with products of its own design and manufacture. Wellons lumber drying systems include counterflow and parallel flow continuous lumber dry kilns, and batch kilns, using steam, thermal oil and natural gas as the heating source.

Wellons broad range of biomass-fired steam and thermal oil heating systems are used for both lumber drying and electrical power applications. Complete systems, integrating Wellons fuel storage and handling systems, biomass energy systems, electrostatic precipitator product line, SNCR systems, and Wellons lumber drying systems, provides a complete, single-source option for clients.

Wellons continues to add new designs and features to these systems. Recent additions include Wellons TRUMARK-EVO wireless moisture monitoring system, for use in both continuous and batch lumber dry kilns to optimize the lumber drying process; the Wellons MODULPAQ biomass-fired steam boiler design that provides design flexibility while reducing equipment and installation costs; and Wellons biomass energy system Ash Conditioning Station.

Coming up, Wellons will be discussing our approach to burning difficult fuels with our latest technology, our “clean energy” heated drying systems and our philosophy on the importance of how trust forges lasting customer relationships.

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