WoodTECH Update – Issue 23

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Welcome to the latest issue of WoodTECH.News.

We are pleased to announce that the FIEA WoodTECH 2020 programmes are now out and live on the event’s website. This year, the WoodTECH series will be focusing on new technologies, new processing systems and case studies showcasing “smart operating practices” that can make a significant difference to dry-mill and timber manufacturing companies. A particular focus will go onto robotics and automation that have already been implemented successfully in some local mills.  Further details on the event will follow.

This month’s stories feature a number of new timber innovations and significant investments within the local sector.  New innovations include the use of radio-frequency energy for insect treatment of timber, a new process for preserving timber without pressure treating and the successful fire testing on MASSLAM’s structural glue-laminated timber in Australia.

On the investment front, Timberlink’s Tarpeena sawmill upgrade has just rolled out their new Contra Flow Kiln, Timberlink has also approved plans to build a new Cross Laminated Timber facility and Nature’s Flame has just expanded their Taupo operations to process 85,000 tonnes of wood pellets.

Check out all the articles below and enjoy this month’s issue.

Stories this issue:

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