WoodTECH Update – Issue 3

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Welcome to the latest update for Australasia’s sawmilling and wood manufacturing community. We’ve had a great response since we’ve launched this service at the end of last year. The concept of improving communication between companies and sites and incorporating both managerial and production staff along with some of the key suppliers has really struck a chord. News items continue to flood in and readership has already climbed to over 1000 working directly within the industry throughout this region.

So, what have we covered in this latest issue? We’ve included recent local and international acquisitions; the CHH Yarram and Caboolture sawmills in Queensland and Victoria by AKD Softwoods, plans by Red Stag for a NZ$20m CLT plant in Rotorua, the Springer Group picking up well known Finnish company, Finscan, USNR acquiring another North American consulting and engineering company and Swiss producer, ISELI who are now supporting the Vollmer line of bandsaws.

Other features in this issue include looking at just what sawmills of the future might look like, automation and robotics and their increasing introduction into wood processing operations and a story on a new self-cleaning camera that’s cut maintenance downtime at one of the log lines in a British Columbia sawmill by almost 60 per cent.

Finally, contributions, recommendations, leads and advice on what you’d like added to this site will certainly be welcomed:

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Stories this issue:

We also have several additional stories in this issue:

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