WoodTECH Update – Issue 37

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Welcome to the latest issue of WoodTECH.News.

It seems Covid-19 is not done with Australia yet, with a significant outbreak sending Victoria into a hard 7-day lockdown and border restrictions with neighbouring states. While this will be felt throughout the State, the local forestry industry has largely avoided the economic hit other sectors have received. There is also a global construction boom that is resulting in strong timber prices up and a potential shortage in supply.

As we mentioned earlier, WoodTECH 2021 will be running in two months (3-4 August 2021) and is once again expecting a huge turnout. While Covid-19 did force us to skip our normal two-yearly sawmilling in-person event in Australia, it will be streaming live online from Rotorua, New Zealand. This ensures everyone within our WoodTECH community will be able to participate, whether it is travelling into Rotorua or virtually online (live or watching the recorded presentations at your sawmill site later on). 

This month’s issue has a little bit of everything. We feature a new timber joining process using linear friction welding, insights into major drivers impacting the construction industry, what’s next for the successful ‘Buy Aussie Timber First’ campaign and a status update on a number of mills around the region. 

Check out these stories and more below!

Stories this issue:

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