World first robotic graded timber stacking

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Tumbarumba is home to a world first. Rod Murray, Hyne Timber Automation Project Manager, says the Hyne sawmill robotics project is “a world first for graded timber stacking.”

“Our team has created a fully-automated timber sorting and packing production unit.” Rod said. “Product is already being packed by the system and our operators are now assisting the contractor with testing.”

The sorting and stacking of graded timber is made possible through the use of optic recognition of  on-the-fly grading markings on the individual pieces of timber. “Grades are marked on each piece, Rod said, “and it’s a mark that only a robot could understand”.

Human operator’s safety is protected by world-class safety cells and sensors utilising light curtains.

Energy efficiency was also imperative in the design with advanced energy-efficient technologies employed. For examples the system automatically shuts down when timber is not coming through the production line. Lighting and motors are also energy efficient.

The objective of this ground-breaking project was not simply to be a world first, its prime objective is to eliminate the injuries attained on the old manual sorting and stacking lines.

It’s safety first today at Hyne Timber, now and into the future.

Source and image credit: Hyne Timber

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