WoodTECH 2020 Programme - Australia

Day One

10.00amWelcome & Introductions
10.10amKeynote Address: Breaking the Mould
How industry 4.0 is changing the way manufacturers are doing business
David Chuter, CEO & Managing Director, Innovative Manufacturing CRC
SESSION 1: Disruptive Technologies
From AI and computer vision to IoT and robotics, how innovative businesses are now harnessing new technology to boost the operational performance of manufacturing operations
11.00amRobots & Collaborative Applications
A new generation of robots and safety systems, designed to safely work alongside people, are being deployed within manufacturing operations. Hear where they fit and what opportunities are available to improve productivity and safety within the industry.
Peter Katsos, LBU General Manager, ABB Australia
11.30amUsing Seven in line Robots
The world’s first fully automated timber sorting and packing production unit.
Marcus Fenske, Tumbarumba Site Manager, Hyne Timber
12.00pmLunch & Networking
1.00pmEmpowering the Worker Onsite with Augmented Reality Technology
How innovative manufacturers are using wearables and augmented reality to streamline productivity and address the skills gap.
Dean Tresidder, Solution Architect Information Solutions, Rockwell Automation
1.30pmWearables and Worker Augmentation in the Field
Devices like RealWear HMT-1 and Hololens 2 are now ensuring greater safety at the computing-edge as workers doing physical tasks need their hands and situational awareness out on the manufacturing floor.
David Francis, Co-Founder, Virtual Method
2.00pmUsing Machine Intelligence to Turn Machine Data into Business Growth
Turning the masses of data collected from a vast multitude of sensors, cameras and systems into actions to improve the business
Tim Baron, Product Market Manager, SICK Australia
SESSION 2: New Product, Process and Systems Innovations
Opportunities for dry-mill and wood manufacturing operations
2.30pmA Wearable Exoskeleton to Revolutionise Health, Safety and Performance in the Mill
The Suit-X has been in development for over 10 years and, on the back of recent NZ trials with meat processors, it is now ready for the wider workplace.
Greg Borman, Director, Biosymm, Australia
3.00pmAfternoon Tea & Networking
3.30pmAdvanced TMTM™ Wood Modification
Potential and opportunities for business performance improvement with wood thermomechanical modification and densification technology.
Pekka Ritvanen, CTO, Founder, KWS TimberTech, Finland
4.00pmWorkshop: A masterclass on how manufacturers can save on energy costs
A step-by-step guide on how your operation can focus on the right energy efficiency goals and implementation to achieve set targets.
Kevin Joyce, Director, Energy and Thermal Services
4.45pmTECH Showcase - Part 1
Short presentations on new product innovations
5.15pmRefreshments & Networking
6.30pmConference Dinner
After Dinner Presentation: ForestVR and Addressing the skills gap. Using innovative new technologies to engage and encourage younger people into our industry
Beth Welden, Manager National ForestLearning Education Program, FWPA

Day Two

SESSION 3: Improving the Efficiencies of Current Wood Manufacturing Operations
Machine centre and mill improvements, troubleshooting, tools & technologies to increase production.
8.30amWorkshop: Fine Tuning your Timber Planing & Machining Operations.
Diagnosing feeding problems on planers
- Planer alignment
- Planer preventive maintenance
- Pros and cons of gap feeding
- Electric drives vs. hydraulic
Joey Godwin, Mechanical Service Technician & Machinery Support, USNR, USA
10.00amMorning Tea & Networking
10.30amHigh-Speed Wide Band Resawing & Timber Handling Options for Wood Manufacturing Operations
Syd Mather, MD, Stenner, UK
10.50amArtificial Intelligence Applications for Remanufacturing Optimisation
Andrea Campion, Area Sales Manager, MiCROTEC, Italy
11.10amNew Technologies to Better Automate and Integrate Machine Centres to Increase Production
Sebastian Roth, Product Specialist, WEINIG, Germany
11.30amTECH Showcase - Part 2
Short presentations on new product innovations
12.00pmLunch & Networking
SESSION 4: Timber Gluing & Laminating
1.15pmStrategies to Improve the Performance of 1C PUR Adhesives for Engineered Wood Products
Brad Simpson, Business Unit Manager - Furniture and Building Components, Henkel Australia (in person) and Christian Lehringer, Global Head of Technical Customer Service and Certification for Engineered Wood, Henkel, Switzerland and Gordian Stapf, Technology Manager, Henkel, Switzerland (via video)
1.40pmAdhesive Innovations to Improve Press Time for Wood Gluing Applications & Throughput
Shane Devereaux, Managing Director, Jowat Universal Adhesives, Australia
2.05pmChanging your Workplace Culture
A case study of an Australian wood manufacturer who’s turned their business around by focussing on the business culture - with outstanding results
Michael Kennedy, CEO, Founder, Kennedys Timbers and Dr Tony Watt, Principal Consultant, Managing Director, The Culture Doctor
3.00pmConference Concludes