DAY ONE  |  Tuesday 18 October 2022
New Zealand (NZDT) | Australia (AEDT)
Pre-Conference WorkshopManaging and Making Use of Data to Drive your Business
8.30am 6.30am

The what, why and how of Statistical Process Control

What is SPC, why should you use it, and how can you best use SPC to manage and improve mill processes?

Scott Leavengood, Director, Oregon Wood Innovation Centre, Oregon State University, USA (remote/live)

10.00am 8.00am

Morning Tea & Networking

10.30am 8.30am

Real Time Data Collection and Use for Machine Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

Using Opening Face Data/Wane Analysis from your Sawing Machine Centres

Nick Barrett, President, SiCam Systems, Canada (remote/live)

12.00pm 10.00am

Lunch & Networking

WoodTECH 2022 Conference & Exhibitions
1.30pm 11.30am

Welcome & Introduction


Session 1: Australasian SawmillingAn industry under stress or an industry actively embracing new technology and operating systems to improve its efficiencies and international competitiveness?
1.10pm 11.10am

New Zealand - The Opportunity of a Generation?

Climate change and the readiness of the NZ wood processing industry to take advantage of a new future?

Industry Speaker TBC

1.40pm 11.40am

Australia - The current health of the country’s sawmilling and wood manufacturing industries

Measures to ensure the longer-term viability of the sector.

Cameron MacDonald, Executive General Manager - Strategy and Innovation, OneFortyOne, Australia

Session 2: Technology Advancements in Sawing, Scanning, Mill Optimisation & Manufacturing
2.00pm 12.00pm

1. Band-mill Monitoring. Is it possible to create a safer band-mill environment while extending the life of your saws?

Jason Clay, International Account Manager, USNR, USA

2.15pm 12.15pm

2. Using AI and X-Ray Technologies to Scan, Sort and Trace Lumber through the Mill

Jere Heikkinen, CEO, Finnos, Finland (remote)

2.30pm 12.30pm

3. Automating Realtime Data Collection in the Sawmill. A case study of setting up a mill wide dashboard system for a Canadian sawmilling operation

Chris Graham, President, B3 Systems & Travas Hack, Superintendent, Indufor's Nairn Lake sawmill, Canada (remote)

2.45pm 12.45pm

4. Maintenance, Repairs & Operation - Optimising Parts Availability & Asset Performance in Your Wood Processing Operation

Andrew Jordan, Managing Director, Xtivity, Canada (remote)

3.00pm 1.00pm

Afternoon Tea & Networking

3.30pm 1.30pm

Fine-tuning your Batch and Continuous Kiln Drying Operations

Steve Riley, Wood Processing Scientist, New Zealand

4.00pm 2.00pm

Saw-guides and Lubrication - Troubleshooting saw, lubrication and guide issues in the mill

Joe Shields, Upgrades & Conversion Specialist, USNR, USA (remote)

4.30pm 2.30pm

Case Study: A Processing Dilemma

How did Australian mills process and what were the lessons from sawing and processing large volumes of fire damaged logs arising from recent summer bush fires

Jonathan Harrington, R&D Engineer, Ripple Tech, New Zealand & Kim Harris, Technical Advisor, AKD Softwoods (Tumut), Australia

4.45pm 2.45pm

Technology Showcase

5.00pm 3.00pm

End of Day One | Drinks, Refreshments & Networking

DAY TWO  |  Wednesday 19 October 2022

New Zealand (NZDT) | Australia (AEST)
9.00am 7.00am

Welcome & Introduction


Session 3: Saw Design, Selection, Maintenance & Operation
9.05am 7.05am

Fine Tuning your Circular & Band Saws

Key factors influencing the cutting behaviour and operation of your saws

Bruce Lehmann, Senior Scientist, FPInnovations, Canada (remote)

9.30am 7.30am

Voestalpine - A look inside one of the largest companies supplying Uddoholm steel for band-mill operations.

Voestalpine has locations in more than 50 countries and on all five continents

Stewart Martin, CEO, Checkmate Precision Cutting Tools, New Zealand

9.45am 7.45am

Simonds International (Topic and content to be confirmed)

Dave Purinton, VP Marketing, Simonds International, USA (remote)

10.00am 8.00am

Morning Tea & Networking

10.30am 8.30am

Cutting Edge Sawshop Technology - Saw Servicing Development and Advances in Smart Machinery

Thode Knife & Saw and Industry Presentation

Session 4: Wood Treatment & Modification Technologies & Opportunities for Local Wood Producers
10.45am 8.00am
Thermal Wood Treatment in Australasia

The technology, commercial applications, and journey from Australasia’s first heat treatment operation of Radiata pine to now

Mark Andrew, Managing Director, Tunnicliffe Timber, New Zealand

11.05am 9.05am

Researching, Developing, & Commercialising an Innovative Timber Treatment Solution

The inside story on a six-year journey culminating in the launch of the FLAMEfixx dFx®, a combined wood preservative (H3) and flame-retardant treated wood product in 2020

Ron Moon, Managing Director, Wood Modification Technologies, New Zealand

11.25am 9.25am

European Timber Treatment and Modification Innovations suited to local Wood Producers

  • The use of copper naphthenate in an oil solution as a CCA and creosote alternative treatment
  • A novel biocide-free wood protection system using resins
  • Advances in fully automatic material handling systems for existing and new CCA impregnation plants
Stina Moldrup, Area Manager Marketing, IWT Moldrup & Bror Moldrup, Director, IWT Moldrup, Denmark (remote/live)
11.45am 9.45am

Technology Showcase

12.00pm 10.00am

Conference Concludes | Lunch & Networking

Post-Conference Workshop: The Wood Processing Skills Pipeline – Broken but RepairableRedefining and building on your workplace culture, boosting worker engagement, skills retention and recruitment to plug the talent gaps
1.00pm 11.00am

Tackling the real 'Elephant in the Room' - How to attract and retain skills within our workforce

1. Building the Workforce of the Future - How one innovative wood products company is addressing the skills issue to drive their business

Shane Vicary, CEO, AKD, Australia

2. Learning from 'Generation Z' - What can the industry be doing better to attract young people

Sam Von Duve, Mechanical Tradesman, Jubillee Sawmill OneFortyOne, Australia (remote) + Jethro Bosch, Apprentice Sawdoctor, Tenon Clearwood, New Zealand

1.40pm 11.40am

Efficient People = Efficient Business: How to get the most from your people?

Case studies from recent forestry and manufacturing operations that have turned their business around

Trev Hall, Director, The Lean Hub, New Zealand

2.00pm 12.00pm

H&S & Performance Initiatives to build a Safer Business

Case studies of forestry and wood products companies using incident reviews to successfully boost on-site worker engagement

Brionny Hooper, Human Factors Scientist, Scion, New Zealand

2.20pm 12.20pm

Re-engaging Your Workforce

Turning around a NZ West Coast sawmilling business by re-invigorating a culture of learning.

Nettles Lamont, Managing Director, Conquest Training

2.45pm 12.45pm

Workshop Concludes